Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Idea..

Never have I, in my life spent so airily, over the past quarter century, ever received a proper answer to questions that have been aired by my psychic as well as emotional senses. I would like to be erased of all doubts that linger in me.

‘Experiences’, which a cliché tp the hoi polloi, were to me a set of bizarre debacles, after which I go a certain leg with which I steady myself on certain stages, and then started questioning with agony. Still, I stood helpless. Those who taught me words and those who taught me all other things, were just helpless on lookers.

But now, with abhorrence to all truths that I have so far learned or been exposed to, I have started to speak to God, searching in him answers to all my doubts; Surprisingly I have found answers to all doubts and get answers that contain enlightenment, truth and love. And it was always from inside me. Never trample upon your inner voice. That is God.

Try it out, and check whether your questions are answered. Talk to yourself, you will answer to you. But understand your voice.

So I thought that I would share this with you. I don’t care whether you do read this whole thing or don’t, but I will continue to post entries.

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pophabhi said...

Yeah. I read it. Completely. Felt that its true. Paths that lot of people with questions had hiked through. Good to see an answer.

But a mystery remains - the name - Judas. Yet I know, whats in a name!